Artificial Insemination with fresh semen from Viktor fra Diisa


Based on the good experiences from 2010 we have decided, that this breeding season Viktor and Viktor I/S exclusively offers artificial insemination with fresh semen. We have very good and convincing results from this method in 2010. 91,2 % mares were pregnant from insemination with fresh semen at Dyrlęgegaarden last year.  


Because of the huge demand on transport semen in 2010, Viktor will not be offering cooled or frozen semen in 2011.


For several years artificial insemination (AI) has been a successful breeding method, a.o. in the field of Danish Warmblood and in the trotting horse breed. AI has several valueble advantages for both the stallion and the mare.


Covering contract for the summer 2011 will be avalible soon.



Covering Prizes: 


Mares judged with 8,25 or up                                  DKK       9.000


Mares judged with 7,75 or up                                  DKK     11.500


Mares with blup 115 or up                                       DKK     11.500


Mares with offsprings judged with 8,00 or up             DKK     11.500


Other mares                                                          DKK     15.000



NB !! Free insemination and folicle ultrasound-examinations are included in the  

        covering prize all season 2011.


Extra discount 1:   10 % discount on mare no. 2 this year

                            15 % discount on mare no. 3 this year


Extra Discount 2:   15 % discount on mares if the owner have had mares covered

                                     with Viktor in earlier seasons 


NB 2: All prizes are plus danish VAT(25%), certificate, grass money (stay at

         Dyrlęgegaarden), pregnancy ultrasounds and so on.  



Insemination station Dyrlęgegaarden:


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.





For mare owners


Preparing the mare for covering.